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March 14, 2013
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cover art by BrianKesinger cover art by BrianKesinger
Another work in progress shot for my piece that will be the cover for dark beauty's 3rd annual steampunk issue. All the tea work is done and now I'm using some watercolors to add some contrast.
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shine000 Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2013
Bellmanart Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
I love it! If I may ask, what tea did you use to get the different hues?Tea 
Forsakenwolfshadow Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
i love the little lego man that you added to it ^^
MeltyMoon Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
So fantastic~
LOLsmileyface123 Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2013  Student General Artist
I love this! When you use watercolor, do you use regular pencil for your line work? I've always tried to use water color, but I've never been good at it.
Serene-SimpliciT Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2013  Student General Artist
love the bowl XDD
PhoenixdreamangelMSB Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
This is cute! I haven't worked with watercolor I a while, I dabbled on a Rapunzel pic a year ago I think around July, but I don't think I did great because I kind of don't remember much from highschool, [link] I still like it. I mostly work in digital. I've wanted to learn more about the traditional means again, a sort of brush up. My art teacher wasn't that great, no offense to her, she did encourage me to keep going. I appreciate her enthusasum towards my art, but I learned almost nothing about painting.

So I don't know if you could even if you say can't teach me yourself or give tips, maybe you could recommend some good links or books that would show me more about the methods of painting and other work like this. I just adore the old way of doing things, just like I adore doing digital. [link] Oh and if you havent' figured it out yet I am a little in love with Rapunzel and the challenge she presents.

I am so glad Disney gave you a chance< I never could figure out who to contact. But that's ok, I still enjoy my work and having fun with my art even if I will b unlikely to ever be famous like you are. Anyways I love this work you are doing on the pics and the book, I just wish I had money to buy it, jobless at the moment.

I hope you will friend me, and even look at my gallery and give me some thoughts or feedback if you want. If you don't I totally get it you are busy, and its fine. :) I am not one of the artists who feels neglected if people don't critique, no matter what I am happy with my work the way it is and how I keep on changing and growing as an artist.

I don't know why I am writing all this to you, I think the heat wave has finally undone me! LOL Its like 90 something here the past few days. Anyways.......blah blah.........have a great day and hopefully you aren't melting like I am.


Michelle Bowen
thatoneginger Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Did you outline that with pencil? because It looks etremely thin, it looks awesome!
soovigon Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2013  Professional Filmographer
Fantastic work-art!!!!! Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TheFluffyArmour Featured By Owner May 31, 2013  Student General Artist
I like your bowl C:
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